Explorative Conversations

Explorative Conversations on the Mobility of the Future

The series of REBALANCE conversations is centred around five topics which are key in defining our future mobility.  The invited discussants digged into the current narrative associated to each topic and debated on whether there are any robust change factors that can help predict which direction or development will be favoured in the long term. Key for REBALANCE is also to explore how our values, beliefs and aspirations will affect the development of each mobility topic or, conversely, how technological progress and expected developments will question our ingrained values and beliefs, and prompt cultural change.

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Rethinking Mobility Cultures and Policies

The Language of the Present

An inquiry on Mobility Cultures, critically reviewing the current mobility narrative.

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Needs and Hopes for the Future

A Vision for the future to provide relevant references on alternative mobility narratives for a broad and inclusive deliberation.

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Politics as Poetry

Defining a useful Roadmap and Policy Guide, testing the interest of soft policies.

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A Manifesto for REBALANCING the Rational and the Humanistic Cultures

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REBALANCE brings together different voices, visionary thinkers from humanistic fields, mobility experts, stakeholders and European policy decision-makers, to create a fruitful knowledge-sharing hub to discuss future mobility policies.

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Journal on Mobility Cultures and Policies

In our first issue you will find summaries of the Talks we have had with Saskia Sassen, famous sociologist and expert on cities and globalization, Jacques Lévy professor of geography and urbanism and Tim Cresswell, human geographer and poet. They discussed such topics as: mobility cultures, the effects of COVID-19 and the future of transportation and policy-making and much more…

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