Journal of Mobility Cultures & Policies

Ideas for a New Mobility Paradigm

ISSUE 4 | MARCH 2022

Explorative Conversations: Gaining Insights into Future Mobility Issues

This explorative conversation series is a curated compilation of REBALANCE’s dialogues centered on mobility future. Dialogues 1 and 2 speak about technological innovation: here we focus on automated vehicles and the relevance of freedom and control, as well as highlighting the importance of inclusion before digitalization, and when we do digitalize, it is a mean and sustainability is the goal. Dialogues 3 and 4 touch on the future: in these sections, we question the effectiveness of a green mobility transition without an accompanying attitude shift and the importance of convincing people that their real need lies within the agency over movement. Lastly, Dialogue 5 emphasizes the significance for technology in all sectors to be steered because technology isn’t inherently fair – however, by prioritizing awareness and inclusion we have a better chance of changing assumptions and our future for the better.


As part of the REBALANCE initiative, talks will continue once a month in dialogue with Andreu Ulied.

Mònica Bernabé, Spanish journalist known for her work as a correspondent in Ukraine and Afghanistan. In her Talk we will address social and political issues related to mobility, from mobility as a fundamental right to gender issues.

Daniel Innerarity, Philosopher, professor of political and social philosophy at the Univ. of the Basque Country and director of the Democratic Governance Institute. He is currently Directeur d’Études Associé de la Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (Paris).


Reinventing Cost-Benefit Analysis for Sustainable Multimodal Mobility

In order to test REBALANCE’s initial assumption that the culture of mobility, which currently prevails in Europe has led to unsustainable patterns, in social and environmental terms, a critical review of the of the evolution, the objectives and goals of the transport and mobility policies in Europe has been carried out. This has allowed to identify that the development of sustainable multimodal mobility as one of the key challenges for European cities and functional urban areas.

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