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The Network on Mobility Cultures & Policies

Relevant humanists and social scientists are nowadays reflecting on how emerging technologies are changing mobility cultures and social values, and how values affect mobility practices and policies. The Coronavirus pandemic made the world a living lab to further develop these reflections further. Policies restraining or prohibiting individual freedom to move and to survey people’s daily lives were applied to protect social health (a prevailing citizen’s right). These policies caused huge economic costs for many sectors and companies (e.g. tourism) but also benefited few others (e.g. telecommunications, e-commerce).

Policies restraining physical mobility created social distress and psychological suffering to many; however, it was imperative to apply these policies to save millions of lives worldwide. New and more disruptive technologies will create ethical dilemmas in the near future, for example to what extent we humans can rely on intelligent machines to make better decisions for ourselves and others. The language and everyday categories we presently use (e.g. public interest/common good, individual/social, private/public, utility/meaning, behaviour/value, science/art, data/knowledge, cost/benefit, consumer/producer, local/global…), need to be redefined if we want to be able to imagine new and better futures for all. Many people, from artists to scientists and politicians, have already provided inspiring thoughts on these issues.

Experts participation on Talks

Alain Bonnafous

Andreas Knie

Andreu Ulied

Carl Honoré

Dragos Simandan

Filippo Fimiani

Jacques Lévy

Judy Wajcman

Mark Coeckelbergh

Marta González

Massimo Moraglio

Mateu Turró

Mimi Sheller

Noel B. Salazar

Saskia Sassen

Tim Cresswell

Experts participation on Explorative Conversations

Alain L’Hostis

Andrea Ricci

Andreu Ulied

Benjamin Docquir

Cristina Marolda

Cristina Pronello

Ghadir Pourhashem

Jens Schade

Robert Braun

Stefan Gössling

Xavier Tackoen

Experts participation on Generative dialogues

Bernhard Schlag

Chris Nash

Christoph Walther

Farideh Ramjerdi

Jens Schade

Laetitia Dablanc

Lisa-Marie Schaefer

Luca Bertolini

Ralf Risser

Robert Cervero

Udo Becker

Experts participation on other Deliberative Events

Barbara Adam

Cass R. Sunstein

Daniel Sperling

Dominique Méda

Eva Illouz

François Schuiten

Harvey Miller

Mònica Bernabé

Oriol Nel·lo

Pekka Himanen

Robert Hassan

Sebastien Bourdin

Werner Rothengatter

Yann Diener

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