D2.1 Communication, Dissemination & Exploitation plan

D2.2 New Mobility Cultures and Policies Hub- online platform

D2.3 Online Journal on Mobility Cultures and Policies

D2.4 Cultural and Political Manifesto

D3.1 The REBALANCE Mobility Culture and Value Framework

D3.2 The fundamentals of the mobility culture of today

D3.3 Current Values behind the Politics of Mobility

D3.4 – The role of communication in shaping the European mobility culture

D4.1: Multi-sectorial trends and drivers shaping the future of European transport

D4.2 Alternative narratives for the future of transport in Europe

D4.3: The alternative mobility vision

D5.1 The concept of ‘public interest’ in EU law Further Study – How to support a new culture of mobility?

D5.2 Guidance for infrastructure and investment policies

D5.3 Policy Roadmap and Policy Guide