Andrea Ricci

Relevant publications

Socioeconomic Impacts of Automated and Connected Vehicles (2018)

Global Europe 2050 (2018)

The overall socio-economic dimension of community research in the fifth European framework programme (2002)

Assessing the Social and Environmental Impacts of European Research

Andrea is a recognised foresight expert who is highly regarded for his knowledge on sustainability policy analysis, impact assessment and forward-looking analyses, with particular emphasis on public policy.

He has coordinated numerous European research and innovation projects and policy support studies in the fields of research and innovation strategy, transport and mobility, energy, and public health.

Andrea was Chair of the Horizon 2020 Transport Advisory Group.

Andrea has lent his support to the Horizon Europe Mission Boards for Climate Change Adaptation and Societal Transformation, Soil Health and Food, as well as scenario-building exercises including EFONET, FLAGSHIP and BOHEMIA.

Andrea is an Evaluator on EU research and innovation proposals for energy, transport, environment, and social sciences and humanities, and contributes to the ex-post evaluation of EU research and innovation programmes in international cooperation, environment, and bioeconomy.

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