Future mobility culture dynamics and the desirabillity of changes (Workshop and Survey)

After targeted interactions with experts and stakeholders, notably the visionary workshop to help shaping and characterizing the Vision, an online survey was conducted to gather the feedback of a wider range of stakeholders and serve as a basis for the validation of the Vision.
A total of 142 responses were received, 94% of which belong to European citizens. Significantly, more than 60% of the participants are younger than 40, something that will be reflected particularly in a couple of questions of the survey. Regarding the relation of the respondents to the transport sector, there is an almost perfect split between professionals and non-professionals. The consortium is a bit less satisfied with the gender balance of the survey, being the male turnout more than 14 points higher than the percentage of female voters.

Survey results
The respondents were asked about their prefered feature of several mobility aspects. The questionnaire was refined by the consortium, and this resulted in 13 questions out of the previous 16 being posed due to the focus on pure mobility concepts. As was done in the visionary workshop, the choices were listed in alphabetical order to avoid undue influence towards any particular scenario.

Download the survey results


The adjusted results are presented above associated with the 4 scenarios. The pathway that links the top-ranked voting results is placed either in Themis or Gaia, except for a couple of features. After the survey the pathway that links the top-ranked voting results continues to be mostly placed either in Themis or Gaia. Following people’s preferences, the vision would derive from a combination of the two soft-powered scenarios with a slight preference towards Gaia.