Stefan Gössling

Journal Articles

The health cost of transport in cities (2021).

COVID-19 and pathways to low-carbon air transport until 2050 (2021)

Does ‘flight shame’ affect social norms? Changing perspectives on the desirability of air travel in Germany (2020).

Extraterrestrial transitions: Desirable transport futures on Earth and in outer space (2021).

Grand Narratives for sustainable mobility: A conceptual review (2020).


  •  The Sustainable Chef. (with C.M Hall, 2002)
  • The Psychology of the Car. Automobile admiration, attachment and addiction. (2017)
  •  Food Tourism and Regional Development.(with C.M. Hall, 2016)
  • Tourism and Water (with C.M. Hall, 2015)
  • Handbook of Tourism and Sustainability (with C.M. Hall & D. Scott, 2015)

He has studied interrelationships of tourism, transport, and sustainability for a quarter of a century.

In the early 1990s, his work focused on aviation and the sector’s contribution to emissions of greenhouse gases. Since then he started to investigate a wide range of different transport modes from diverse scientific perspectives, including the car, bicycle, and e-scooter.

He is specifically interested in climate policy and transport governance; ICT in tourism, transport, and mobility contexts; transport economics; urban planning; and social norm change in consumer cultures. Mostly in interdisciplinary frameworks embracing geography, economics, sociology, and psychology.

His work has been conducted in a wide range of cultural and geographical settings in the European Union, the Middle East, East Africa/Western Indian Ocean, and the Caribbean. Has also worked as a consultant on behalf of numerous governments and companies, as well as supranational organizations including UNWTO, UNEP, UNDP, OECD, and World Bank.

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