Robert Hassan

“…the sharpening focus upon technical efficiency, leading to digitality and speed in the service of profit, has meant a narrowness of vision regarding what innovation in science and technology make possible. This is not only a threat to our subjective self, where what we can be is continually constricted by the essential paucity of what digital logic can enable, but more practically, a threat to democracy also.”

“A global and networked ethic is possible.We also have little choice in the matter. We have that deepest of all responsibilities – to our children – compelling us to try.The nature and function of computing in our lives constitutes the ethical imperative in our postmodern age. Confronting digitality is possible only when we recognize that our analogue essence has its real home only in nature.”

(Philosophy of Media, 2017)

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Robert Hassan is Associate Professor of Media and Communications and Head of the Media Program at the University of Melbourne. He writes extensively at the points of convergence between politics, media, time, and technology. His most recent book is Philosophy of Media (Routledge, 2017). He is currently writing Digitality, which will appear in 2019.

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