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2203, 2021

Speed? What Speed? Prisoners of Speed, by Ivan Illich (Part 3 of 3)

In 1996, Ivan Illich (above) agreed to speak at Doors of Perception in Amsterdam on the theme of  ‘speed’. The philosopher-educator surprised us by bringing along two fellow speakers: Sebastian Trapp, a field biologist, and Matthias Rieger, a musicologist. Their contributions are as  fresh today as when we heard them in Amsterdam – so we are running them again in three parts. This is part three, the concluding remarks of Ivan Illich.  

1101, 2021

Philosophy and coronavirus, how the pandemic is changing us

Philosophy and coronavirus, how the pandemic is changing us. How some of the greatest philosophers of our time such as Noam Chomsky and Richard Sennet, see the situation and the influence that the coronavirus has had and will continue to have in the future on our lives. Forum: Mapfre Insights

803, 2021

COVID’s Long Shadow: Social Repercussions of Pandemics

In 1832, the great cholera pandemic hit Paris. In just a few months, the disease killed 20,000 of the city’s 650,000 population. Most fatalities occurred in the heart of the city, where many poor workers lived in squalid conditions, drawn to Paris by the Industrial Revolution. The spread of the disease heightened class tensions, as the rich blamed the poor for spreading the disease and the poor thought they were being poisoned.

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