Jacques Lévy

“The contemporary world is readable, thinkable and transformable, on condition that you take the time to modify a few usual divisions, to renew a few notions and to think together what was separate.”

“The 2020 pandemic has given an opportunity for an emerging current to specify its views and to radicalize a previously mentioned statement: everything negative coming from nature should be seen as a punishment for the dire behavior of humans.”

Jacques Lévy

Jacques Lévy is director of the Spatial Intelligence chair, at Université polytechnique Hauts-de-France and member of the Chôros research rhizome. He is the cofounder of the scientific journal EspacesTemps.net (ISSN 1777-5477). He published in French, along with Michel Lussault, the dictionary of geography and space of societies, Dictionnaire de la géographie et de l’espace des sociétés.

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