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Antinomie is a collective blog whose purpose is to keep track of the forms of writing (poetry, literature, non-fiction, philosophy, criticism, etc.) which, by overcoming disciplinary boundaries, have placed the relationship between words and images at the heart of their practice.

An independent monthly magazine founded in 1932 by Emmanuel Mounier, Esprit is a magazine of ideas committed to its time. It strives to illustrate a generalist approach to our present, between media culture and scholarly studies. It devotes itself to deciphering the evolutions of politics, society and culture, in France and in the world.

Journal of Urban Mobility
The Journal of Urban Mobility is a fully Open Access journal, initiated and supported by the EIT Urban Mobility, offering prompt publication and wide dissemination of new urban mobility research to a global audience. The journal publishes peer-reviewed contributions in all areas of urban mobility that will accelerate solutions that improve our collective use of livable urban spaces, while ensuring accessible, convenient, safe, efficient, sustainable and affordable multimodal mobility. The journal is unique in that it takes a systemic approach to urban mobility and encourages multi- or cross-disciplinary triple-helix publications, bringing together academics and practitioners, businesses (industry and small-and-medium-sized companies) and cities.

Journal of Global Mobility
JGM publishes research on global employees, including corporate and self-initiated expatriates and other migrants crossing borders for work purposes. Among those are, for example, inpatriates, international business travellers, short-term assignees and international commuters.

European Journal of Psicolocanalysis
The European Journal of Psychoanalysis publishes not only translations, but also papers by English-speaking contributors whose works are close to European currents and “styles”. The European Journal of Psychoanalysis also includes philosophical, anthropological, literary and historical contributions. Psychoanalysis has practical, ethical, and theoretical implications relevant not only to clinical practice, but also to politics and social policy, philosophy, cultural studies and the social sciences. The journal provides an international forum for the exploration of the frontiers of psychoanalytic inquiry, giving voice to diverse perspectives, research, and clinical practice which link and transform its many partial understandings.

International Mobility
This journal brings together scientific papers on all aspects of personal mobility in terms of education, higher education and vocational training, in Europe and worldwide. It aims to contribute to a better understanding of the conditions and the impact of mobility.

Transport economics and policy
The Journal of Transport, Economics and Policy (JTEP) was first published in 1967 and quickly established itself as an essential source of information and debate on the economics of transport and its interface with transport policy. Today it continues to provide a much-needed focus for this specific area of transport research ­ a single, accessible resource of international articles which also reflect the diverse nature of the current field. JTEP meets the challenge of innovation and change, regularly publishing the latest policy developments and their impact across the world.

Research in Transportation Economics
Research in Transportation Economics is a journal devoted to the dissemination of high quality economics research in the field of transportation. The content covers a wide variety of topics relating to the economic aspects of transportation, government regulatory policies regarding transportation, and issues of concern to transportation industry planners. The unifying theme throughout the papers is the application of economic theory and/or applied economic methodologies to transportation questions. The ultimate goal of Research in Transportation Economics is to provide transportation researchers a valuable source of information useful in the formulation of transport policy and industry decision making.

Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry
Special Issue: The COVID-19 Pandemic and its impact on Psychiatric Disorders and Mental Health
Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry is an international and multidisciplinary journal which aims to ensure the rapid publication of authoritative reviews and research papers dealing with experimental and clinical aspects of neuro-psychopharmacology and biological psychiatry. Issues of the journal are regularly devoted wholly in or in part to a topical subject.

International Journal of Transport Economics
The main aim of the Journal is to bring together the research work being done in the field of Transport Economics and arrange it organically in the form of a synthesis between theory and fact. Topics are approached from any discipline or perspective: economics, management, engineering, mathematics, statistics, etc.

Journal of Transport Geography
The Journal of Transport Geography is a leading interdisciplinary journal focusing on the geographical dimensions of transport, travel and mobility. It is international in its outlook, and welcomes both conceptual papers and theoretically-informed, empirically-oriented contributions on the movement of people, goods and/or information by any mode and at every geographical scale.

Contemporary Aesthetics
Contemporary Aesthetics began publication in mid-2003 in the form of annual volumes. Contemporary Aesthetics welcomes articles, symposia, forums, proposals for special volumes, and announcements.

Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science
Environment and Planning B: Urban Analytics and City Science is the leading journal for the publication of high-quality articles that present cutting-edge research in analytical methods for urban planning and design. The journal focuses on smart cities, urban analytics, GIS, and urban simulation models. It also deals with visualisation, computation, and formal design-based methods applicable to morphological processes and structures in cities and regions.

International Journal of Social Psychiatry
Established in 1954, International Journal of Social Psychiatry provides a forum for the dissemination of findings related to social psychiatry. The journal is of interest to psychiatrists and other members of the multi-disciplinary team around the world concerned with the impact of social factors on individuals’ well-being and mental health.

Urban, Planning and Transport Research
An international open access journal publishing urban, planning, and transport research including urban design, community development and human geography.

Frontiers is a leading Open Access Publisher and Open Science Platform. Journals are led and peer-reviewed by editorial boards of over 100,000 top researchers. Covering more than 900 academic disciplines, we are one of the largest and highest-cited publishers in the world. To date, our freely accessible research articles have received over 1 billion views and downloads and 1.6 million citations.

Nature human behaviour
Nature Human Behaviour publishes research of outstanding significance into any aspect of human behaviour: its psychological, biological, and social bases, as well as its origins, development, and disorders. The journal aims to enhance the visibility of research into human behaviour, strengthening its societal reach and impact.

Philosophy & Technology
Addresses the expanding scope and unprecedented impact of technologies, in order to improve the critical understanding of the conceptual nature and practical consequences, and hence provide the conceptual foundations for their fruitful and sustainable developments. The journal welcomes high-quality submissions, regardless of the tradition, school of thought or disciplinary background from which they derive.