Let’s co-create the Mobility Manifesto!

One of the main objectives of the Rebalance project is to co-create a mobility Manifesto. The Manifesto will be used to stimulate European policymakers to adopt concrete legal and political measures that encourage radical change within wider European communities and engender transformative transport policy strategies in favour of a paradigm shift in mobility.

Please feel free to respond to the questions at the bottom of the page in order to contribute and be apart of this collective initiative as working hand in hand with citizens and local communities is very important to Rebalance. As a result the questions inlcuded in this first issue of our New Mobility Cultures and Policy Journal, will guide the creation of the manifesto as it evolves over the course of the project.

The paradigm shift should come from a critical examination of the criteria/objectives on which the actual mobility culture has been based overall. Are the criteria speed and efficiency still relevant? Are they able to cope with 21st century challenges? What can be the role of non-motorised transport modes? Well beyond the implicit assumption of useful mobility we have to consider changes in lifestyles, environmental and climate concerns, and the emergence of new values and take into account gender, age, ethnicity, etc.

The paradigm shift seeks effective consideration of emerging social values and disruptive technologies in transport policy making. Disruptive innovations and radical changes in the transport sector are expected to gain momentum in the near future. We are already witnessing the first signs of these transformations, including new social attitudes by the final-users. We are also experiencing shifts in the cultural significance(s) of mobility and movements. The motivations underlying mobility must be explored.

Below please find REBALANCE questions.

We invite you to comment, respond and share your thoughts. They will be considered in the Manifesto for Mobility Cultures & Policies.