Topic: Mobility cultures and policies after Covid-19


REBALANCE project seeks transformative ideas that support new mobility cultures and policies. We invite master students, doctoral candidates, postdoc researchers, early career investigators and university teachers from different disciplinary backgrounds to report on ongoing research, experiences, challenges and opportunities for a mobility paradigm shift after the Covid-19. We encourage potential authors to further develop the various themes we have covered with the thinkers who have participated in REBALANCE Talks. You can expand upon, promote, compare, or contrast your ideas with those or other experts, for example those that you can find in REBALANCE Insights.

Successful applicants will be invited participate in REBALANCE activities, such as focus groups, and to be part of a network of high-level leaders in the mobility sector from both the public and private sectors.

Instructions for Authors: Authors interested are asked to submit their ideas in PDF 1200 WORDS + Short CV. Please download: Template

Check out submitted ideas:

  1. Aurore Flipo. June 2021.
    Sustainability and Rural Mobility. Questioning the Social and Spatial Justice Implications of Energy Transitions in Rural Areas


  2. Dylan Moinse. June 2021
    Towards an urban system embracing small, micro, and collective, macro modes? The contribution of e-scooters to a virtuous.

  • How has COVID-19 affected our beliefs/desires in terms of mobility and governance? How will this pandemic affect our desires/beliefs long-term? Will they last or be soon forgotten?
  • How have transport and communication evolved over time? How should we envision spatial alliances in the future?
  • To what extent should speed hold value in policy making? How important is this value in relation to other mobility values?
  • How has our perception of time changed in recent decades?  What has been the effects of industrialization, migration, and education on our sense of time?
  • What is the current atmosphere of mobility patterns and what are the current trends in the world today? How can they be described and understood?
  • Are the way Europeans move aligned with their values? What and where are there incongruences?
  • What major changes are emerging across Europe and the world? How do these changes affect mobility and which demand widespread paradigm shifts and action to be made?
  • What is the narrative of technological advancements? How can we envision possible outcomes for the future?
  • How can we negotiate contradictory mobility values across Europe? How do we engender a ‘rebalancing’ of values? How should we consider useful mobility vs. meaningful mobility?
  • What are the implications of the pandemic in relation to the SDGs and their potential for mobility paradigm shift?